The Manta Ray Swim Team is a summer season competition team in Garrett County, MD designed to promote physical fitness, develop leadership qualities and sportsmanship, encourage team involvement, foster self discipline, build self confidence and provide a competitive swimming experience in a supportive and fun environment where a swimmer's full potential may be reached.
While it is obvious that the Manta Rays are involved in helping swimmers to swim fast, that is not the only purpose behind the coaching team’s goals for the Manta Ray athletes.  As a coaching team we are far more interested in using the sport of swimming for teaching life skills.  These skills include, but are not limited to:  fostering positive attributes, goal setting, prioritization, self motivation, work ethic, limits and boundaries, team work, healthy lifestyle, and responsibility.
Our emphasis is on self improvement.  Very few swimmers become Olympic athletes.  The majority strive to do the very best they can.  The attention of the coaches will always be on the swimmers working the hardest to achieve their goals.  This has not and will not always be the fastest swimmers, but tends to be the most dedicated swimmers.
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