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All swimmers will need to purchase their own equipment for swim practice effective 10/1/2013.  This is in order to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the equipment being used and to help keep MRST fees down for all swimmers over time.

We have a very good relationship with a local merchant, High Mountain Sports, who has agreed to provide very attractive discounts to all current MRST swimmers.  At the beginning of each season, HMS will bulk order equipment for us from their vendor.  During the season, HMS will, to the best of its ability, keep in stock most of the items the team will need for the team to purchase at discount.  There may be times, however, where HMS will not have some items in stock.  At those times, please access online alternatives as needed.  Since HMS is supporting the MRST, we would like to ensure we patronize their business as much as we can...

The equipment all MRST swimmers will need for practices are as follows:

Practice Suit (swimmers choice, HMS sometimes runs MRST specials)

Team Suit (required for for swim meets only, note: if swimming with CUY Otters, you will need a different suit)
    Girls Maxfit (black w/blue stripe)
    Girls Diamondfit (black w/blue stripe)
    Boys Jammer (black w/blue stripe)
    Boys Racer (black w/blue stripe)

    Adult Kickboard (recommended)
    Junior Kickboard (optional, for younger swimmers)
    Hydrofoil Kickboard (optional)

Pull Buoy (optional since we will rarely do pull sets in age group swimming)
    Adult Pull Buoy (recommended)
    Junior Pull Buoy (optional, blue/white, for younger swimmers)

Training Fins
    Crossblade Training Fins (recommended)
    Burner EBP Training Fins (optional)

Carrying Bag
    Big Mesh Mummy Bag (recommended)
    Alliance Team Backback (optional)
        Note: You will be able to select the color of the bag at Bulk Order
                    time ONLY.  Otherwise, the colors are whatever HMS
                    has in stock.

HMS will give us a standing discount on the above items during the swim season as long as they are in-stock at HMS.  At the beginning of each season, HMS will bulk order items at the discounted rate as well.  This order is typically placed two weeks after the start of our seasons.  Please reference the current HMS MRST Order Form for pricing information.

NOTE:  The MRST recognizes that purchasing ALL the equipment can be challenging.  With that said, every swimmer must have at least a practice swim suit (there are no options on this issue...).  After that, ultimately the equipment is strongly encouraged.  MRST workouts will call for use of the equipment.  If the swimmer does not have it, they will be able to complete the workout, but it will be a little more challenging (for example, a kick set with fins and kickboard is easier than the same kick set without fins and kickboard).