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How To Join

The Manta Rays accept swimmers of all types, shapes and sizes.  The team is an age group team with swimmers from 4 to 18 years of age.  At this time, there is no formal Masters program (an informal one practices ad hoc in the CARC during lap swim times).

The Manta Rays have new swimmer tryouts at the beginning of every season.  Tryouts are typically held during the first two weeks of practice at the beginning of each practice time on Mon/Wed/Fri.  A new swimmer will be observed by the Coaches and evaluated for swimming proficiency and safety in the water.  The new swimmer will then be assigned to a group on the team with similar skills.  The swimmer will also be assigned to an age groups as follows: 


             15 and older

             13 to 14

             11 to 12

              9 to 10

              7 to 8

              6 and under

TryOut Requirements:
  • Age 4-6: must be able to swim one (1) length freestyle (head in water with rythmic breathing)
  • Age 7 to 12: – must be able to swim one (1) length freestyle and two (2) lengths back stroke in tryouts
  • Age 13 and up – must be able to swim two (2) lengths freestyle, two (2) lengths backstroke, two (2)lengths breaststroke, and one (1) length butterfly in tryouts.
All swimmers must be members of the CARC.  The Manta Ray Swim Team has negotiated discounted rates with the CARC for access to the pool ONLY during swim practice times (see Fees for details).  All swimmmers are strongly encouraged to join the CARC with a full membership.  The CARC donates lane hours to the team on a limited basis.  The least we can do is join the CARC in return...
Be sure to review the following documents in our File Cabinet on this site:
Be sure to follow our Announcements, Facebook Page, and to subscribe to our texting service using Remind101 (see coach for details).  These are our primary communication portals since almost everything we do is paperless (except the application and dues).

Lastly, the Manta Ray Swim Team is not appropriate for a non-swimmer who needs beginner swimming lessons.  If a swimmer does not qualify, we suggest he/she be enrolled in swim lessons in order to develop the basic skills before considering the swim team.  For more information, please contact the American Red Cross, CARC, or the Cumberland YMCA.
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