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MRST Summer Season

posted Feb 25, 2012, 9:19 AM by Dusty Huxford   [ updated Feb 25, 2012, 8:07 PM ]

The Manta Ray Swim Team is proud to announce our first summer swim season at the Community Aquatic Recreation Center (CARC) starting Monday, April 9, 2012!  Practices will be held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30-6:30pm.  The summer season lasts from April through the end of July.  We need at least 24 swimmers for the team to be successful, but the more the merrier, so sign up fast!


New swimmers to the MRST can try out for the team on Saturday, March 31, at 10am at the CARC.  Please sign in at the front desk for tryouts and meet at the bleacher viewing area of the pool in the main hallway of the CARC.  New swimmers are STRONGLY encouraged to make this meeting.  The MRST will also allow swimmers to tryout during our first two weeks of practice beginning April 9 on Mon/Wed/Fri at 4:30pm.  Please be sure to visit our website for tryout requirements.  Remember, the Manta Ray Swim Team is NOT appropriate for beginner swimmers.  Please enroll beginner swimmers into CARC swim lessons.


For the summer season we will be compete in the YMCA summer league as the Manta Ray Swim Team.  All summer swimmers are expected to compete in swim meets.  There are five total, four preliminary and one championship as follows:


Meet #1          Saturday, June 23- Freestyle

Meet #2          Friday, June 29- Backstroke

Meet #3          Saturday, July 7- Breaststroke

Meet #4          Friday, July 13- Butterfly

Meet #5          Saturday, July 21- Championships

The swim meets are currently scheduled at the Cumberland YMCA.  We will be negotiating with the YMCA and CARC in hopes of hosting a couple of the meets at the CARC.


There are two fees associated with swimming: the CARC membership fee; and the MRST Summer Fee (includes YMCA fees).  All swimmers must be members of the CARC by selecting from one of the below memberships:

1) $15/mo for a total of $75/season MRST Pool Access during practice time ONLY.

2) $150 MRST Individual Season Membership with access to the entire facility for 6 months.

3)  $280 Individual annual membership with access to the entire facility

a. Covers CARC fees for summer & winter swim team

4) $480 family of 4 annual membership

a. Family can use facility while swimmer is at practice

b. Covers CARC fees for summer & winter swim team


All swimmers are strongly encouraged to join the CARC with a full membership (3 or 4 above).  The CARC donates lane hours to the team on a limited basis.  The least we can do is join the CARC in return...


The Manta Ray Fees for the 2012 Summer Season are as follows:

$217 1st swimmer

$202 2nd swimmer (10% discount off MRST fee)

$172 3rd swimmer (25% discount off MRST fee)

The above fees include the YMCA Fee of $42 per swimmer.


Please visit the Manta Ray Swim Team website ( for detailed information about our summer season.  Lastly, please reply to with your interest in the summer season.  This will allow us to gauge the size of the summer team.