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Winter Season Starts Monday, Oct 7

posted Sep 22, 2013, 7:16 AM by Dusty Huxford
Swim Practice starts Monday, Oct 7 for Intermediate and Advanced swimmers and Tuesday, Oct 8 for Beginner swimmers.  All practices start at 4:30pm.  MWF practices will last until 6:30 while Tues/Thur practices will last until 5:30.
Who is Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced?  Good Question!
For right now, if you were practicing in Lane 1 or are new to the team, you are a Beginner and should attend the Tues/Thur practice schedule.  Everyone else attends the MWF schedule.  Please remember, Beginner swimmers are those who are still mastering stroke technique.  So, it is NOT just age based, but also skill based.  Our objective is to move swimmers to the MWF schedule as soon as stroke skills are mastered AND they can handle the increased distance.  Lastly, please remember that Beginner swimmers have reduced fees since they are in the water less time.
We look forward to seeing everyone for the winter swim season!!