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Masters Swimming

Did you know:
  • Research has shown that most people lose 5 to 10% of our capacity for each decade after age 30.
    • Continued swim training can radically reduce this reduction.
  • Maximal oxygen consumption declines with age.
    • Continued swim training will slow this decline.
  • Muscle loss increases with age.
    • Continued swim training will delay this loss by almost 50%
Maybe everyone should consider Masters Swimming...
Lastly, research has clearly shown that in terms of volume (distance) and intensity (difficulty of sets), there is no reason for Masters swimmers to differ significantly from senior age group swimmers (age 15 to 18).  Just be aware, however, that Masters Swim times with rest will need to be slower since, unfortunately, Masters Swimmers will swim a little slower than senior age group swimmers.  That said, for those returning to swimming after a long time off or just starting, it would be wise to get doctors approval to move forward.  Masters Swimming is NOT for the faint of heart!
Who says swim workouts are just for kids?  Adults can suffer too!
One of the Manta Ray Swim Team's goals is to get a full Masters Swimming program up and operational.  We now have an informal ad-hoc Master's Swimming practice at the Community Aquatic Recreation Center (CARC) and swim the workouts provided on an "Ad-Hoc" basis.  The more interest we see in this level of swimming, the more likely we can get an official Masters Program going.  Please contact us with your interest.

Current ad-hoc Master's Swimming practice schedule:

Mondays, 9:00am (more intense workout, all strokes)
Thursday, 7:30am (medium distance workout, mostly Freestyle)
Sundays, 3:00pm (medium/long distance, all strokes, stroke work)

All practices are at the CARC.
Workouts will vary from novice, through intermediate, to advanced.  Yardage will vary, but generally during our peak weeks, Novice swims about 3000 yds per week, Intermediate about 8000 per week, and Advanced about 12000 per week.  These are done over three day sessions.
Workouts will start short on yardage and speed while we work on stroke technique.  Over the season, we will increase the volume and intensity of the workouts.  So, don't be disappointed in the first few postings while we work on strokes and drills.  Things will get more interesting...

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Posted Workouts:

    Ad-Hoc Workouts
    Historic Winter Workouts
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