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Parent Driven Team


The Manta Rays can not operate effectively without the full support of the parents.  There are many tasks that need to be completed

during the swim season to ensure swimmers have effective and efficient practices and meets.  The Manta Ray Board and the Coaching Team can not realistically perform all the tasks that are required.  As a result, parents are called upon to help keep the team going.  Parents are expected to donate time and talent, perform various duties, and assist where practical.  If each parent simply takes on one task to support the team, then everything works beautifully.


Please click Volunteer Sheet for a PDF overview.

Examples of Parent Volunteer Duties


Below is a list of some of the duties and/or tasks that need to be filled by parents.  There are other tasks and duties that parents can volunteer for.


Fund Raising

Fund raising is critical to keep the overall costs of the MRST down.  The more fund raising that is done, the lower we can keep our fees.  Unfortunately, now that the MRST is in the CARC, our fees have increased.  It is vital that adequate fund raising be done to help defray the costs.
Fund raising is needed to cover the various expenses of the team:  equipment, ribbons, trophies, pictures, fees, marathon prizes, team gifts, picnic, etc.  Volunteers are needed to head up one of the fund raisers below that the Manta Rays do annually.  Work with the Vice President and Treasurer as required.  Our fundraisers include, but are not limited to:

Swim Marathon

Pizza Card

T-Shirt sponsorship

End of Year Picnic Organizer

  Food & drink coordination


Team Picture Coordinator

  Who, when, where

  Distribute pictures when complete


Championship T-shirt Coordinator

  Take orders and distribute T-shirts when ready.  Coordinate with YMCA.


Bulletin Board Maintenance

  Keep Manta Ray bulletin board up to date weekly


Press Coordinator

  Collect articles for distribution to press.  Coordinate with Secretary.


Swim Meet Volunteers:

  Meet Set Up

  Bleachers, chairs, touch pads, etc.


  Meet Timers

  Manta Rays need at least 8 timers per meet


  Meet Event Lane Assignment Coordinator

  Work with all swimmers to get into right seats for events


  Ribbons/Medals/Times/Place Coordinator

  Pick up ribbons, medals and times and get to coaches.
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