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Our practice schedule varies depending upon the number of swimmers, swimmers ability, and facility demands.  As a result, please check this page frequently in order to ensure you have the correct swim times.
Our Summer swim season lasts from April thru July.
Beginner swimmers are those swimmers 'new' to swim team who are learning the strokes or are young and are not yet ready for a full workout.  "New" swimmers start as Beginners until they have the stroke basics and can handle the distance of a regular workout.  Younger swimmers (age 4-10) need a shorter workout schedule until they are ready to advance.  Beginner swimmers have a reduced fee.
Intermediate/Advanced swimmers have all the stroke basics and are actively working to build endurance and speed.  Their workouts are longer and more intense.
Summer Practice Schedule
The Manta Ray Swim Team will practice at the CARC starting about April 15 thru the end of July as follows:
Mon   4:30-6:30pm  All groups
Wed  5:00 - 6:30     All groups
Fri     5:00 - 6:30    Intermediate/Advanced only
No "Formal" practice(s) on the following dates:
    Memorial Day
    Independence Day
Drop-In Policy 
The Manta Ray Swim Team is located in a high tourist area.  We have discovered there are many swimmers visiting that would enjoy the opportunity to get some water time with an organized practice.  We will allow drop-ins for practices under the following conditioins:
  • Drop In swimmer must be a current member of another active swim team
  • Drop In swimming is allowed solely at the coach's discretion and is highly dependent upon:
    •  Lane Availability
    • Ability of the Drop In swimmer
  • Drop In swimmer guardian must sign a waiver/release form
  • Drop In swimmer must swim the practice being swum by the rest of the team
  • Drop In swimmer follows all directions of the coach at all times
  • Drop In swimmer must pay appropriate CARC fees (not MRST fees, but facility fees)
  • Drop In swimmer maintains high professional sportsmanlike conduct at all times
  • A contribution to the MRST, a 501(c)(3) organization, is always appreciated
Please be aware general lap swimming is available any time the CARC pool is open.  Some visiting swimmers may prefer swimming their own workouts at their own pace during that time.  The MRST will gladly accept Drop-In swimmers for those who prefer an organized practice with the local swim team.